Connections Grants

The goal of the Connection Grants program is to support the implementation of a range of collaborative efforts that will lower overhead costs thereby sustaining and enhancing public programming.

How Connections Grants Are Awarded

Connections Grant Applications are accepted on an on-going basis and will be reviewed quarterly by a special Board Committee. If recommended by the Committee, the full Board must approve the grant and a budget amendment to fund it. 

Connections Grants: Eligible Projects

Connection Grants will be one time project grants designed to directly assist in the implementation of asset connections
including the following (additional qualifications on the application form):
• Actual merger of assets resulting in a reduction of overhead costs or that will otherwise sustain the asset’s
level of service to the community.
• Agreements between or among assets to share a significant portion of administrative costs and or facilities for
a minimum of three years.
• Collaborative projects expected to result in continuing revenue enhancement and/or expenditure control.  One-time programming or marketing projects without ongoing economic benefit to assets are not eligible.
Connection Grants may be used to pay for any costs associated with the project. While requests for funds to develop
business/implementation plans will be considered, the District expects that these grants will lead to actual results rather than the production of feasibility or conceptual studies.  Go to the RAD Forms page to download the application.

Since 2010, thirteen Connections Grants have been awarded (view the asset and project list, in pdf).

Contact RAD about Connections Grants

- email RAD at

- write to RAD at 425 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1610, Pittsburgh, PA  15219