Thu, Aug 29, 2019

Budget Request Hearing


Koppers Building


436 7th Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219

The budget request hearing will begin at 2:30PM in the Koppers Building Conference Center - Level B.

The list of applicants and hearing times are below and the full schedule can be downloaded here.

August 29, 2019

2:30pm - Calliope

2:38pm - South Park Theatre

2:44pm - Bach Choir of Pittsburgh

2:50pm - Afro American Music Institute

2:56pm - Dreams of Hope

3:03pm - Tickets for Kids

3:10pm - Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble

3:17pm - Pittsburgh Concert Chorale

3:23pm - Renaissance City Choir

3:29pm - Andrew Carnegie Music Hall

3:34pm - Squonk Opera

3:41pm - Edgewood Symphony

3:46pm - American Jewish Museum

3:53pm - Front Porch Theatricals

3:59pm - Father Ryan Arts Center

4:04pm - North Hills Art Center

4:10pm - Prime Stage

4:20pm - The Tull Family Theater