April 1, 2013

2012 Annual Report

Annual Reports


At RAD, it all comes down to investing in the quality of life in the region, now and in the future.

Through the dedicated sales tax fund, RAD is investing in the programs and facilities of our libraries, parks, sports and civic facilities, and arts and cultural programs.

In 2012, the investment of $83.6 million of RAD funds helped 89 assets to entertain and to enlighten through programs and performances, and to maintain, improve and upgrade their facilities.

Operating grants continue to be the hallmark of District funds.  RAD funds can be used for all of the basics, like staff, utilities and maintenance - services which are critical to keeping the assets stable and healthy.

By investing in its regional assets, our region continues to be a cultural and recreational leader in the country.  The 2012 Annual Report details the RAD grantmaking program in 2012 including regional asset highlights, the 2012 final budget, RADical Days, finances and accountability information, and municipal distribution.

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