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RAD Annual Report 2017; below: Carnegie Library photo courtesy Annie O'Neill

June 13, 2018

RAD Annual Report 2017: Live/Work/Play

Annual Reports

In the Pittsburgh region, we take seriously the ways in which we live, work and play. At RAD, we take seriously the responsibilty for the grantmaking that supports the many excellent ways in which we live, work and play.

child climbing steps at Carnegie Library PittsburghYou can see this in our regional assets across the county and demonstrated in our Annual Report 2017: Live/Work/Play. The Board of Directors is pleased to present this report of activities for 2017. Overall, the 1% county sales tax yielded a total of $195.7 million in 2017. Half of the proceeds went to asset support; 25% went to the Allegheny County government; and 25% was distributed to county municipalities that have used the funds to lower taxes and for a variety of services like public safety and public works.


The 2017 budget of $98.5 million was distributed as follows:

  • 31% to libraries
  • 30% to parks and trails
  • 15% to sports and civic facilities
  • 12% to arts and culture
  • 8% to regional facilities (Pittsburgh Zoo, Phipps Conservatory, National Aviary)
  • 3% to transit
  • less than 1% to administration

Looking at 2017 At a Glance:

  • 45,263,634 people visited the assets, which included 26.2 million visitors to the parks
  • 710,380 free tickets were provided to those who might not otherwise attend
  • $792,143,052 in direct expenses was contributed to our local economy by the assets, including $391 million by the Port Authority
  • 63,230,618 people used the Port Authority for transit
  • 7,952 people were employed by the regional assets
  • 11,352,893 items circulated at the libraries, including 1.6 million in e-resources

As always, we invite your comments and recommendations.

We'd also like to share with you additional images from the outstanding performances and events created by the assets in 2017: