May 17, 2019

RAD Board Meeting Summary - May 16, 2019

News Releases

RAD Board of Directors Announces Open Applications for

2020 Annual Grants, Reports on Budget, Audit and Allocations,

Upcoming RADical ImPAct Grants


Pittsburgh, PA (May 16, 2019). The Allegheny Regional Asset District (RAD) Board of Directors met May 16, 2019 to report on year-to-date tax revenue, 2018 audit findings, and to make recommendations on the implementation of the 2019 budget as it was adopted last November. The Board also announced open applications for 2020 Annual Grants and reported on its upcoming RADical ImPAct Grants (applications due June 15), which were launched in late March and will represent RAD’s 25-year history of public investment in the region.

The meeting began with a public comment period during which Christine McIntosh, Executive Director of Bethel Park Public Library, and Mary Menk, Library Director of Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall each spoke about the commitment of their libraries (and libraries across the county) to adults with intellectual disabilities through programs and activities designed to assist with cognitive development, fine motor skills, and increased self-esteem. The Board noted that access and inclusion are RAD priorities and values, and thanked the library representatives for their work in these areas.

Under provision of Act 77, RAD is required to examine its revenue mid-year to determine if it will meet budget projections. RAD Treasurer Sylvia Fields stated that year-to-date tax revenue through May is $43.2 million, which exceeds projected 2019 budget by $2 million. The Allocations Committee recommended full implementation of the 2019 budget as it was adopted last November.

The Allocations Committee also reviewed the eligibility and program guidelines for 2020 and recommended that the current guidelines be continued. (They can be found at radworkshere.org/pages/apply-for-funding.) Additionally, the Committee recommended that the discretionary capital grant program remain open for 2020 with an emphasis placed on “shovel ready” projects (meaning past the planning phase), which have the ability to be sustained by the applicant organization.

Annual Grant applications will be open May 17, 2019 and are due July 1, 2019, with budget hearings to be scheduled for mid-to-late August through early September.

The Impact Committee reminds interested applicants that RADical ImPAct Grant applications are due June 15, 2019, at which time RAD staff will assemble all submissions and provide them to the selection panel for further consideration. The selection panel will be looking for projects that:

- Encourage community strengthening and building

- Embrace inclusion to grow a greater public audience

- Are bold and celebratory (something not typically done by the organization)

- Reflect an inspiring vision and have transformational impact on the organization and the community

Selected projects will be granted a public hearing on September 5, 2019. Recommendations to the Board for consideration will be done in time for the projects to be included in the 2020 preliminary budget slated for release on September 26, 2019.

Additionally, the Board reappointed 13 of its Citizen Advisory Board members for an additional term, granted an extension request for Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestra’s 2018 Connection Grant, requested more information before taking action on Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Center for the Arts’ 2017 Capital Grant extension request and 2019 Capital Grant, and extended the contract of RAD’s legal counsel for three and a half years.