August 19, 2015

RAD Board to Hear Public Presentations for 2016 Requests

News Releases

PITTSBURGH - Presentations by organizations requesting funding from the Allegheny Regional Asset District for year 2016 for funding will begin on Monday, August 24th at 3pm.  In addition, on that day a Board business meeting will follow the budget request hearing. The hearing schedule, as well as the agenda for the business meeting, can be found on the Board Meetings page of the RAD web site.

            There are 109 eligible applicants for funding next year, comprised of nine contractual assets, two multi-year assets, and 98 annual applicants, including five first-time applicants. The total of these requests is $103,434,427. Of that amount, requests for operating funds total $94,204,180 and requests for capital funds total $9,230,247. Last year, the Board reviewed 106 eligible applications for grant requests totaling $102,109,140 and adopted the final 2015 grant budget of $93,736,379.

            The hearings will open with presentations from contractual assets, organizations with minimum funding guarantees. While their contracts go through 2019, they are required to submit applications to the Board each year. Following completion of those sessions, annual grant requests will be heard. All of the sessions will be held at 3pm on the 9th Floor of the Koppers Building, 436 Seventh Ave., 9th Floor,  in downtown Pittsburgh. The meeting is open and accessible to the public

             On or around October 1, the Board will release a preliminary budget that will be open for public comment for nearly two months. The Board will then hold a hearing on October 26 for public comment on the preliminary budget before meeting to adopt the final budget on or around November 23.


            RAD supports and finances regional assets in the areas of libraries, parks and trails, sports and civic facilities, and arts and culture programs. RAD receives one-half of the proceeds from the one percent Allegheny County Sales and Use tax. The other half goes directly to the county and municipal governments. Since 1995, the District has allocated nearly $1.6 billion in grants for the preservation and enhancement of the regional assets. Visit radworkshere.org for finance and budget reports, and links to all of the regional assets.