September 30, 2013

RAD Requests Comment: Accessibility Policies and Year 20 Structure

News Releases

At its business meeting on October 1, 2013, the RAD Board received a recommendation from its Year 20 Committee to renew the current agreements with the nine contractualy assets for another five year term while added the funding for the library Electronic Information Network to this category of guaranteed assets.

The Board also received a recommendation from its Executive Director to adopt several policies in connenction with the Regional Assets are for Everyone project.  Included in the recommendations are requirements for assets to designate an accessibility coordinator and to publish information on their accessibility provisions and services.

All of these recommendations, along with the 2014 preliminary budget, are open for public comment with votes to come at a later date.  A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, October 29th.  Persons wishing to speak at this meeting must register with the District at 412-227-1900 by no later than 10:10AM on Monday, October 28th.  Written comments may be sent to the District office at 425 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1610, Pittsburgh PA 15219, or may be emailed to info@radworkshere.org