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Manage Your Grant

Now that you've been awarded RAD funds, you'll need to know how to manage your grant contract and report requirements. Get the details on this page.

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Grant Contracts and Required Reports

Contracts for Operating Grants/Annual Assets

By February 5th, you should have received in the mail two copies of your grant contract with RAD. Please return BOTH copies SIGNED to RAD; we will then send back to you a copy this is signed by RAD's executive director. Send both signed copies to: Allegheny Regional Asset District, 436 Seventh Ave., #2201, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

Contracts for Capital Grants

You will receive a notice in February from RAD regarding completing Capital Grant Contract Schedule A.

Capital Grant Contract Schedule A

This form is used only after a capital grant is awarded. It is not part of the application. You will be directed to fill out a Schedule A as part of the contract process. A copy of the form is available for download here in (pdf) or here in Word

Close Out Reports

Grant close out reports are now assigned and filed on line through the RAD application/close out system. You will be notified when a close out report is due and provided instructions on how to file the report on line. Use this link to the RAD application/close out system.

Capital Grant Payment Request Form

Use the Capital Grant Payment Request form to request payment for your capital grants. This is for current assets only.


For contractual assets: Carolyn Marks, Assistant Executive Director

For annual assets: Diane Hunt, Senior Program Officer