Public Comment Procedure

Read more about the Public Comment Procedure at RAD Board Meetings.

1. Time will be set aside at each business meeting of the Board of Directors to obtain public comment from residents of Allegheny County on matters of official action or concern which are or may be before the Board of Directors. Items to be considered for action at the meeting will be heard before they are taken under consideration.

2. Persons who wish to make comment will register by 10:30AM the day of the scheduled business meeting at which they plan to speak. Registration may be made by phone (412-227-1900), fax (412-227-1905), mail (436 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2201, Pittsburgh, PA 15219) or email (info@radworkshere.org)

NOTE: The procedure and deadlines for public hearing participation may vary. Please see the specific hearing notice for updated registration information.

3. Each person will be allotted three minutes to make comment. The time period limitation will not include time to respond to questions raised by Board members. At all times, speakers will be offered the opportunity to submit comments in writing for the public record and the Executive Director will see that each Board member receives a copy.

4. All notices of regular or special meetings shall contain language concerning the availability of the public comment period and procedures.

RAD meetings are held in locations that are accessible to the public.  If you require an accomodation, please contact Diane Hunt, Senior Program Officer and RAD Accessibility Coordinator, for assistance at (412) 227-1900 ext. 245, or dh@radworkshere.org