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Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Employment Opportunities:

None at this time.


Volunteer Opportunities:

RAD At-Large Board Member

The Board consists of seven voting members, four appointed by the County Chief Executive, two by the Mayor of Pittsburgh and a seventh or “at large” member to be elected by the appointed members “from a list of nominees provided by regional economic and community development organizations.” (Act 77 of 1993) The at large member may be re-elected for additional terms provided he/she is re-nominated and may continue to serve until his/her successor is duly appointed and qualified.

The term of the current at large Board member expires in June 2024. Therefore, in accordance with the Act, the RAD Board is inviting qualified organizations to submit nominees for election to the at large seat for a term of two years. 

Before submitting the name of a nominee, please recognize that the law stipulates stringent requirements that all Board members must meet in order to serve on the Board.

A Board member cannot be:  1) A public officer (elected official); 2) A public official (elected or appointed official); 3) A party officer (of a national committee, county committee or city committee); or 4) A public employee.

In addition, a Board member cannot be an immediate family member of an elected official, public official or party officer. She/he can, however, be an immediate family member of a public employee.

Also, be aware that the at-large member must resign from the board of any organization applying for District funds and cannot be an employee of any such organization and will be required to annually file a State Ethics Commission Statement of Financial Interests.  For planning purposes, it is expected the At-Large Board member will be available for all meetings and hearings or approximately 40 hours annually.

If you are interested in submitting a nominee, we ask that you confirm with the nominee her/his interest in serving, secure a resume or brief biography and send it along with a letter of nomination to: Allegheny Regional Asset District, 436 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2201, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. You may also email your nomination to

In order to meet the election schedule, we ask that nominations be received by the close of business on April 24, 2024.


Citizen Advisory Board

The legislation that created RAD requires its Board of Directors to maintain a Citizen Advisory Board, composed of a diverse pool of individuals from throughout Allegheny County who represent RAD's broad range of community interests.

Each member of the RAD Citizen Advisory Board is appointed for a term of four years.

Duties include:

  • Two to three meetings per year
  • Advising the RAD board on a variety of issues including input on grantmaking, particularly for new applicants
    (Note: the advisory board does not vote on the RAD budget.)
  • Site visits to assets with an accompanying written report
  • Other duties and opportunities, based on interest and availability
  • One advisory member also serves as the liaison to the Allegheny County Library Association

Candidates must be residents of Allegheny County.

RAD values the input and support of its Citizen Advisory Board and, in turn, aims to provide meaningful experiences and connections for its members. Those interested in joining RAD's Citizen Advisory Board are encouraged to send an email introduction along with a resume to Diane Hunt at Advisory Board members must be nominated and appointed by the RAD Board. 


Professional Services Opportunities:

None at this time.


Purchasing Opportunities:

RAD routinely purchases office supplies in small quantities.
None at this time.