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RAD Team

RAD is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors. Four members are appointed by the Allegheny County Chief Executive, two are appointed by the Mayor of Pittsburgh, and the seventh member is elected by the six appointees. The six appointees serve terms concurrent with the appointing authority while the seventh member serves for two years.

The seven-member Board of Directors oversees RAD’s operations and grantmaking process. The Board works closely with RAD staff to ensure excellent stewardship of taxpayer dollars. The Board also appoints a citizen Advisory Board to provide public input and comment on policies and procedures.

Meet RAD's Board of Directors
RAD Board of Directors (L to R): Sylvia Fields, Dusty Elias Kirk, Anthony Ross, Daniel Griffin, Jackie Dixon, Hilda Fu, Daniel Rosen

RAD Staff

Richard Hudic - Executive Director
[email Rich]

Carolyn Marks - Assistant Executive Director
[email Carolyn]

Diane Hunt - Senior Program Officer
[email Diane]

Sharon Connors, CPA - Financial Analyst
[email Sharon]

Shannon Musgrave - Communications Director
[email Shannon]

Meredith Soeder, Ph.D. - Research Fellow
[email Meredith]

James Norris - Chief Counsel
[email James]

RAD Advisory Board

  • Linda Tanzini Ambroso
  • Richard Betters
  • Dr. Judith Bookhamer
  • Christopher W. Cahillane
  • Marilyn Coleman
  • Winford Craig
  • Marita Garrett
  • Pam Golden
  • Susan Golomb
  • David Graffam
  • Davie S. Huddleston
  • Mark Lynch
  • Jeff Mallory
  • Sibby McCrady
  • Ruthann Omer
  • Brooks Robinson, Jr.
  • F. Charles Spence
  • Marisa Williams

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Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Learn more about how you can get involved with RAD from employment and volunteer opportunities to professional services and purchasing opportunities.

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