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RADical Days

RADical Days is an annual thank you to the public with free admission, tours, performances, and family activities offered by the organizations and attractions that are funded by RAD.

Thank you for joining us for RADical Days 2021!

Stay tuned for details about RADical Days in 2022...

RADical Days 2021 Kicks Off With "Lights On!"

September 9-11, 2021, the August Wilson African American Cultural Center, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Pittsburgh CLO, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh Opera, Pittsburgh Public Theater, and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra are coming together to light up the District with Lights On! A Three-Day Celebration of Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. The free presentations are all set to take place across three locations: the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership’s Allegheny Overlook Park on Ft. Duquesne Boulevard, the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s Mobile Stage at the 8th Street Parking Lot at Penn Avenue, and the Trust Oasis on 7th Street.

Learn More About Lights On!

Orange RAD sun with text: RADical Days
Scroll to see photos from RADical Days 2020!
Brightly lit stage in a parking lot with cars parked and watching a live performance
RADical Days 2020: City Theatre Company's Drive-In
Laptop with a Zoom screen with people's faces
RADical Days 2020: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Virtual Speaker Series
Boxes with colorful backgrounds and each with person inside.
RADical Days 2020: Prime Stage's virtual production of Mockingbird.
Three people in a hotel room; a woman sitting on the bed, a man standing in the foreground, and a man standing at the door.
RADical Days 2020: Quantum Theatre's virtual production of WILD.
People sitting in socially distanced chairs, watching musicians play outdoors.
RADical Days 2020: River City Brass musicians playing at Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.
Students in masks singing and dancing on stage with microphones.
RADical Days 2020: Pittsburgh Musical Theater students performing in their outdoor canopy.
Mother and child wearing masks, interacting with large wooden pumpkin characters at the Children's Museum Outdoor Day.
RADical Days 2020: RADical Outdoor Day at the Children's Museum.
Hand holding a microphone up to a robot at Carnegie Science Center.
RADical Days 2020: SLB Radio visits Carnegie Science Center for RADical Days.
Woman playing a flute at a music stand outdoors at Falling Water.
RADical Days 2020: Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's Front Row virtual series.
Instagram screenshot of a woman in a mask unlocking a cabinet for the Frick Pittsburgh's behind-the-scenes virtual tour.
RADical Days 2020: The Frick Pittsburgh's behind-the-scenes RADical Days instagram tour.
Screenshot of children singing, each in their own virtual Zoom square.
RADical Days 2020: Pittsburgh Youth Chorus virtual performance.
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